Dear friends!

Because I have made such incredible experiences with these products, I decided to post all the materials I have here for my friends to learn more. It is easier than sending large files by email.

LL are cosmetics based on highly complex information technology.

My experiences:

After daily use of Auricum spray for a few months my thyroid function has improved drastically. I am off the medication I had been on for over 10 years – blood test proofs it. The dentist hardly finds any tartar on my teeth after brushing my teeth with 32 daily for a few months. Lumbar back pain has vanished. Blemishes and wounds heal really fast. There are many testimonials (mostly in German, sorry) of people’s results, i.e. with male pattern baldness, reversing gray hair, healing of wounds/scars, wrinkles and facial lines and much more. This stuff is amazing!                    


Positive results were observed in things such as:
Inflammations, purging toxins and heavy metals, eczema and fungal infections, neurodermitis, birth marks, acne, wrinkles, liver spots, stretch marks, varicose veins, stomach ache, muscle pain and aching limbs, headaches, bleeding, hemorrhoids, chilblains, burns, sun bun, injuries, cartilage damage, compression, bruises, swelling (sporting injuries), mood swings, anxiety and much more.

A note on the EFFECTIVENESS OF LL: The offered information is similar to that of homeopathy. The frequencies are in the “subtle” range of energies. In contrast to homeopathy, we have 3000 different curative combinations available in our products. Every individual takes out what is right for them. The frequencies which are not needed dissipate without any disadvantage. The frequencies work on many levels including physical, emotional, mental and auric fields.
A unique technology enables our cells to draw in the healing impulses and absorb them immediately.
The cell is then reminded and enabled to heal itself. No more and no less.
This process is all natural and totally safe (even for pregnant women, children and the elderly).

Healing reactions can occur, when the body reorganizes and heals itself. However, this is something to be aware of and nothing to be worried about. It’s a sign that our body is about to regenerate itself.

All products are completely free of pollutants. All can also be taken internally. We often use body lotion and suppositories for stomach issues or inside of the ears, etc etc. All products are totally edible and good for you on every level!
Again, to be clear, no chemical reactions or changes to the cells take place. It’s exclusively harmonization and regeneration of the cell’s inherent healing capabilities.
A lot of us might be saved from much stress caused by drugs and their side effects.


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